Like you, we are entrepreneurs.

Our careers were built on building companies from the ground up and we understand the challenges of launching a successful new company. From initial concept to market validation to venture funding — we’ve been there and we know what it takes. In addition to funding, we offer our start-up, operations and finance experience as both founders and CEOs. Our approach offers what we had hoped for when we were in your shoes: non-judgmental, experienced, high integrity communication, feedback and advice.

Unlike most firms, Inspiration structures seed investments in a way that minimizes risk for our limited partners and benefits founders by better aligning the investors interests with the founders. Our interests are completely aligned with yours — whether the next step is a follow-on venture investment or a company acquisition — your success is our success.


Risk-Mitigated Investment Approach

Inspiration Ventures is a Silicon Valley based seed stage investment fund created by successful entrepreneurs and uniquely designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, diversify investment risk and maximize early capital returns.

The fund is structured to limit the risk of seed investing and more directly align the incentives of investors and entrepreneurs. Investments range in size from $250K to $1 million. Unlike most early stage funds that make many small investments and follow on at subsequent rounds, Inspiration is highly selective and only invests in the seed round. Risk is mitigated by partially exiting at the next financing event which also eliminates the conflict between existing and follow-on investments. Whether the next step is follow-on venture investment or company acquisition our interests are aligned with those of the entrepreneurs.

Investment Process: Simple is Better

We pride ourselves in providing honest and impactful feedback about your business plan — the good and the bad — of the “what would I do if I were in your shoes” nature. We believe in establishing a relationship based on honesty and trust from the initial meeting. If we decide not to invest, we tell you exactly why. No half-answers or platitudes, just the facts as we see them. If we decide to invest we provide you with a term sheet, agree on the target goals for the company during the seed phase, and commit to working in partnership with you to build a successful business. Simple, honest and direct — feel free to ask any of the founders we have backed.


Gady Nemirovsky
General Partner

Gady has over 20 years of experience, including 10 years as founder and CEO of Sonnet Financial and Adzaar. Prior to Sonnet, Gady held senior positions at AlterEgo Networks and C*ATS Software, and began his career as an institutional funds manager at J.P. Morgan Investment Management. Gady serves as director or advisor on several corporate boards including UserTesting, Rethink Software, Illumeo, OpenBucks, and DailyPay. Gady received dual degrees in electrical engineering and finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Engineering and Wharton School of Business, respectively, where he graduated with honors.

Robert Fanini
General Partner

Robert has operational CEO experience in starting, growing and running successful start-ups including: Capital Technologies, systems administration consulting; Foglight Software, IT performance management software; SiteROCK US and KK, first Managed Service Providers in the US and Japan; and GroundWork, open source based IT management solutions. Robert serves as director or advisor on several corporate boards including Buffer, Reactful, Tap In Systems and The Bolde. Robert is a graduate of the UC-Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


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