The Journey is the Destination

Tackle startup obstacles by taking the long view. Illustration by Rob Goodman.

Creating, growing, and running a startup is one of the most difficult feats that one can attempt. Each day is filled with a variety of new challenges and being able to thrive amidst the chaos becomes the rule, not the exception.

This can be exhausting, especially if you don’t periodically take time to gain perspective and recharge. What I like to do in these highly stressed moments is to take a breath, reflect on past experiences, and realize that one day I’ll look back on this situation with fondness and frankly, even envy.

This is because while having our minds laser-focused on a particular outcome can help with motivation, often the most important factor is ignored: the way we get there. Since we’re operating with life’s most precious resource (time), it is important to find value and enjoyment in every day, no matter the struggle. This means grappling with and savoring each startup challenge as it arises. 

At Inspiration Ventures, we encourage founders to strive for the best results but remind them to embrace the adventure of it all, particularly when unexpected obstacles arise. We have adopted this same philosophy within our own business too. Ultimately, this approach transforms the pressure to successfully overcome a challenge into a passion for success.

So remember, the journey IS the destination –– enjoy every step of the way and every challenge with as much enthusiasm as you will have when reaching your final goal.