3 Tips for Leveraging Your Corporate Mission to Build Partnerships – with Alexandra Rasch of Caban Systems

Illustration by Rob Goodman

Founder Alexandra Rasch knows the importance of having a mission-driven company, even when the economics of the business model are advantageous. Alexandra, a self-professed “clean energy evangelist” and engineer with an impressive background in transformative solutions, launched Caban Systems to be a pioneer in the design and manufacture of software-enabled energy systems for the international telecom industry. 

It was this transformative vision for the industry that drew our firm Inspiration Ventures to invest early in Caban Systems. In just a few years, Alexandra’s startup success has earned her many awards including being named one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Latinas in the U.S. by ALPFA in 2021, Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020 and one of California’s Top Founders in Manufacturing in 2022.

As Caban Systems’ Founder and CEO, Alexandra remains passionate about utilizing renewable energy to improve the critical infrastructure of the telecom market. However, she goes beyond using her mission as a driving force to scale renewable energy in ICT, globally. Alexandra actively leverages her mission to build socio and economic partnerships with a variety of stakeholders in emerging markets that further grow the business.

What are the secrets to making the most of your organization’s mission? Alexandra shares advice for startup founders from lessons learned.

Alexandra Rasch, Founder and CEO of Caban Systems

1. Use your mission as a springboard to educate

Customers don’t choose Caban Systems for its mission directly. They choose Caban Systems because the business model makes economic sense and the mission-driven solutions align with customer’s ESG milestones. Customers realize the economic feasibility of Caban Systems solutions through education.

Rather than expecting customers to buy in because of its purpose, Alexandra ensures that customers know exactly how Caban Systems energy solutions are economically advantageous for their needs, first and foremost. By educating customers, sustainability, ESG, and profitability can go hand in hand. The educational approach also builds Caban Systems’ platform as a renewable energy expert and thought leader.

2. Tell the story of your purpose-driven organization to attract emerging talent

It’s no secret that the Millennial and Gen Z generation want to work for mission-driven companies. Yes, they want paychecks but they want deeper meaning, too. Not only is this desire to work for mission-backed brands strong in the U.S., but it’s booming around the world.

To encourage eager candidates to apply for open positions, Caban Systems leads with its mission. By weaving the company’s mission and its bigger, positive global impact into all recruiting content, Caban Systems has been able to make itself more of a “destination employer” instead of just another place to work. 

3. Employ your mission to bring about greater opportunity, equality, and equity

One of the most powerful aspects of leveraging Caban’s corporate mission is the ability to improve the quality of life for underserved communities with access to connectivity. For instance, in some parts of the world, women are historically unable to open bank accounts. Many have no mobile devices or access to a power source to charge a mobile phone. With Caban’s energy management solution, some populations have improved access to employment, banking, education and high quality medical care. 

To further the mission, Caban Systems’ leadership participates in internationally recognized programs and associations in North and Latin America that dovetail with the company’s mission. Forming alliances allows Caban Systems to  launch and track the success of programs that will have ripple effects in improving economic opportunities and overall quality of life for underserved communities across Latin America and beyond.

Ultimately, Alexandra believes that a mission shouldn’t be seen as just a type of overarching halo to hide behind. It deserves a place as a supportive pillar in a thriving business.

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