Our New Home on the Web for Inspiration Ventures

Inspiration Ventures General Partners Robert Fanini and Gady Nemirovsky.

Over the past few months, we’ve been reflecting on the past and looking to the future of Inspiration Ventures. 

Our commitment to entrepreneurs and focus on making investment choices based on what will generate exceptional returns while also serving the best interests of our startups continues to be our North Star. What we’ve found has proven out in the returns we’ve brought to investors and the success fostered in our founders. 

It’s why Danielle Pascarella, CEO at One Eleven says “Inspiration Ventures has a true understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, and they are extremely generous in sharing their wisdom and feedback” and Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay shares, “One of the best decisions I made as a founder was to partner with Robert and Gady. Their indefatigable commitment, deep network, and true friendship helped shape our company from day 1.”

For Inspiration Ventures, backing founders isn’t about lip service or signing a check and walking away, it’s about delivering honest guidance and direct feedback through compassionate collaboration. 

It’s with that spirit that we set out to launch our new website at inspirationvc.com — establishing a clear focus on our belief that entrepreneurs can achieve the unimaginable through creativity and unrelenting perseverance. And that ultimately, investors are best served by aligning their incentives with those of entrepreneurs.

There’s much more to explore, including our new blog, featuring our Anatomy of a Startup series, portfolio companies, and our background as entrepreneurs turned investors. We encourage you to check out the new site, let us know what you think, and share this link with founders of audacious pursuits in your circle.