3 Tips for Leveraging Your Corporate Mission to Build Partnerships – with Alexandra Rasch of Caban Systems

Founder Alexandra Rasch knows the importance of having a mission-driven company, even when the economics of the business model are advantageous. Alexandra, a self-professed “clean energy evangelist” and engineer with an impressive background in transformative solutions, launched Caban Systems to be a pioneer in the design and manufacture of software-enabled energy systems for the international

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Announcing our investment in Beulr

I am excited to share the news of our investment in Beulr, a start-up that is helping people be more productive with a personal auto-attending bot for online meetings. Sign up and show up, even when you can’t make it. Schedule days or weeks in advance and tell the bot exactly when to arrive and

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Reality Check: Build It and They *Don’t* Come

At Inspiration Ventures we often find that founders make the mistake of spending too much time planning and developing product functionality and features in a vacuum –– without much collaboration with potential customers or analysis of the market.

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